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When Hard Work Pays Off



I recently received two Thea Awards for my work with Universal Creative with Super Nintendo World overall and MarioKart: Koopa's Challenge at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka.



In 2014 and in 2015, I was honored to receive Bronze Telly Awards for excellent achievement in video production to support and promote various Hi Eugene! Productions in downtown Orlando, FL.

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"Dannon is a pragmatist.  She drives the stakeholders with rock solid process and remains even-keeled in the midst of an extremely fluid landscape.  She is exceptionally supportive to the team, but keeps everyone keenly focused on the task at hand.  She pulls the best out of everyone around her."

Zane Jensch - Creative Director

"As a Designer, you find favorite people to work with-people you really hope to work beside again in the future. Quick and efficient communication and response rather than reaction makes working with Dannon a part of that VIP list for me. She will be a remarkable and valuable asset to any project or task that she is a part of. Please feel free to contact me for further questions about character and experience."

Stacie Badillo - Production Designer

"Dannon is a self-starter and takes initiative. She is dependable and always eager to help above and beyond her duties. She has extreme follow through; when you assign a task to Dannon or ask her to look into something, you know it will be handled. Dannon is very strong in her skills and owns her tasks."

Holly Hodges - Sr. Producer

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